Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Skin Shop Cosmetics

Have you heard of a company named IFMANET?If not then I would like to suggest you to enter the site .and find an excellent source where you can buy high quality cosmetics that you gives you a fine opportunity to make your skin feel the ambience of European Cosmetics which is the home of natural cosmetics.By selecting from IFMANET you get in touch with one of the finest products from a fine Brand –The Skin Shop.They are very well known by the blemish balm cream and snail cream since they started as a cosmetic retailer in 2007.Its Natural beauty and nothing else that skin Shop gives you assurance for.Through the quality approvals that they have got for Skin Whitening ,Wrinkle Prevention and UV rays Protection they can be opted without any hesitation.As their Brand slogan suggest their wide range of attractive products gives the impression that they are the ultimate solution in artistic skin make-up.With wide variants in every category like BB cream ,Recovery cream ,Hand cream,Cleansing Foam,Facial MaSK Pack series etc the really a very worth site to have a look at. Main export countries of this Beauty Magician, The Skin Shop are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Australia.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!

Many of us have problems in selling what we intent just because we don't get the exact platform for exposing our product to potential buyers.However in many cases we cant sell our products even though there are potential buyers but because their numbers are not large.Of course if we want to sell your products online as you wish you need a big buyer list and that's one of the striking features which ECPlaza provides.They are in this field of trade marketing since 1996 and so they are celebrating their 15th anniversary now.with worldwide network and high brand recognition ECPlaza provides great value such as more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.Providing free messenger to chat and our own website for publishing our company profile products and trade leads this is just an ideal path for trading.with their premium membership schemes Yes Silver and Yes Gold providing services like high quality business proposals at ease ,promotion service with our product in various trade magazines and unlimited access to buyer contacts this is like a dream global B2B market i would really suggest this site for any one searching for prospective buyers and new business opportunities simply because they are having about 4 million trade offers posted in their website with powerful overseas marketing service and daily trade feel free to visit the site and try how worth it can be for you.May be this could be the ideal trustworthy market place that you have been searching for to do a profitable trading.
15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sinix Wall Clock

The First time I heard about Grandfather clock I didn’t get what exactly it means. In the olden times Grand father clocks were quite common and were noted particularly because of their large size wooden structure and beautiful wooden carvings and designs. As far as I am aware these clocks are rarely seen nowadays. But still they can add great style and design if placed in Living halls and rooms. To my surprise there are many manufacturers of these types of clocks who make them in outstanding style and with high quality wood.Sinix corp. is one of these manufacturers who deal exclusively with grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks and digital clocks selling them all around the world. They are one of those manufacturers who are equipped with high quality labor and facilities to make wall clocks which needs a lot of wood work more than what is needed in making furnitures.Clocks made so can simply be noted because of their beautiful wooden carvings and structures and not just because it is a clock. If such a clock has a cuckoo hourly alarm also which gives us the alert that it is around then it will be really pleasing to have such a product in our home ,Isn’t it? If you wish to buy world class wall clocks of these type just try site does have hundreds of varieties for each category of clocks and all there products are exclusively Korean made. So feel free to visit the site and get the opportunity to buy a wall clock which really goes a lot beyond than what a normal wall clock means.
SINIX World Class Wall Clock

Monday, January 24, 2011

Digital Voice Recorder

In this modern world when you hear about a voice recorder introduced in market we may not even listen to it because even the cheapest hand phones are equipped with this facility. Of course costly mobile phones provide good quality voice recording with high memory to save large files. But what about a special voice recorder which is compatible with both telephone and hand phone which enables us to record speech of any type. if you are recording from a phone it Has both silent and loud options to make the person speaking unaware of the fact that it’s being recorded. Also if it can start automatically when the call starts and stop when call stops it will be even great,right?Such recorders are available in market now; they do have a good large enough LCD display which helps us to see the sound tracks recorded also with high memory and capability to recover even erased files.It's with VOR and TOR recording. If such a device provide all these superior features apart from the features provided by a high class voice recorder in a hand phone, it’s worth buying; isn’t it? A voice recorder of such kind can be bought from .they are professional manufacturers of security products.
High Quality Voice Recording

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sink Faucet

It’s amazing how good good plumbing accessories and other decorative add to the beauty of our home. when it comes to bathroom kitchen and halls faucets play an important role in providing beauty with the wide variants of faucets available in our market .However many people always find it hard to meet style with affordable prices. For example when we built a new home and think of the interior styling, faucets play an important role as it can be seen with every new house you visit. Choosing a Multi-purpose stylish faucet
can be hard at times for many of you if you don’t know the wide range of sources available for you at reasonable price. is one of them where you can find high quality sink faucets at reasonable price .I found some fascinating Environmentally friendly faucet, Dada faucets in this site and for local sellers they are providing much reasonable price. For any one who wishes to provide good interior designing for their home this site can be a good option. Their faucets include exclusive faucets for specific areas and also all purpose faucets that will fit equally in bathrooms, kitchen and halls. So feel free to visit the site and get yourself the chance to select a good quality faucet at the price of your choice.

Where is Sreeshanth?

I still don’t understand why Sreesanth was pulled out of the world cup squad. I do admit that I disliked him during the beginning stage of his career due to his outrageous performances in the field. But now I really would have liked to see him in the world cup squad. According to the selectors what was he lacking? -Aggression? Pace? Commitment? I strongly believe he has some special features compared to the other bowlers selected instead of him and they are the ability to surprise a batsmen, wicket taking ability, enthusiasm and aggression. He should have easily replaced Nehra.It seems like this decision was very much preplanned. Perhaps, if the selectors get one more chance they should really think of bringing him back as the Indian pace attack apart from Zaheer khan looks really vulnerable for me.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Sister returned to India

My sister and her husband who has been in US for the past 3 years returned yesterday to India quitting their stay in US temporarily. They will be here for 3 coming years as she is planning to do her post graduation in our home town. As per my suggestion she brought plenty of tinned foods for my fish. They include brine shrimp eggs, freeze dried blood-worms, brine shrimp flakes etc.Well, I just don’t mean that she brought only these fish products. These were the main items ordered by me. I wish I could breed plenty of batches of fish in the days ahead with these brine shrimp eggs which are hatch-able.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


After winning the third and final match in the test series against Newzealand, India grabbed the series and proved that they deserve to be the No.1 side in test cricket. The series was particularly noted by Harbhajan’s fabulous performance with the bat scoring two centuries and a fifty which earned him the man of the series award. The emergence of k Williamson as a promising player has also been noted. Currently India’s pace bowling looks safe in the hands of ishanth, sreeshanth and zaheer.Pragyan ojha will be an excellent spin option for India in future. We will wait and see how the team performs against Newzealand in the upcoming one day series

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Razzaq made Victory for Pakistan

A devastating innings of 109 runs from 72 balls from Abdul razzaq levels the Pakistan –South Africa one day series at sheikh zayed stadium, Abudhabi.It was that kind of an innings which cannot be described by words perfectly by any means. Innings like these are quite rare in cricket and when they come it’s very hard to go from our memory. In the past also Razzaq has been a match winner and also almost a match winner in many games for Pakistan. He is a player who doesn’t have any style in either of his departments; bowling or batting. Still he has been very effective for Pakistan in Limited overs cricket. He has this ability to come up and destroy any bowling attack with surprise. Full credits to Abdul Razzaq for this fabulous Knock consisting of 10 sixes.