Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It’s obvious that the importance of test cricket is going down by taking the fact that India is going to play only 4 tests in the coming year.ICC needs to think about the matter seriously to save test cricket. I think the number of sponsors will really go down for test cricket in the coming years compared to the other shorter versions of the cricket. Something has to be done in test cricket so that every match comes out with a result. It’s because of the poor scoring rate and five days of the game that test cricket is boring. I feel that if ICC could bring in some power plays and free hits the situation will become better. Otherwise this version of cricket will soon be a history.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


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Its going to be the end of another year and a yet another year is going to start. .I wonder how fast years are going. I still feel that it’s not too long when I think of my lower primary school days. Time is going so fast that no matter whether we are engaged with something or simply sitting alone, still time is always going fast. I would like to make each and every second of the coming year very useful and I don’t want to waste time any more. I think the life span of a man is very short. God has created all of us with a purpose and so we should always make it sure that we are doing what is to be done. I am going to spend the coming new-year eve in a beach side here in my city with my friend and like all years before I expect to have a wonderful new-year eve.

Friday, December 25, 2009


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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Nowadays I am feeding my young guppies and swordtails with baby brine shrimp. I have learned that there is no other better food than baby brine shrimps for baby fishes, especially for the first two weeks from their birth. Their high protein content makes young fishes grow faster. I think the fishes really love the taste of brine shrimps because whenever I feed my fishes with baby brine shrimps they go crazy after it. So I have understood that baby brine shrimp is the best and safe food for young fishes. I am breeding a lot of hifin swordtails at my home now. I expect to get some good quality fishes within some months.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This giant snake was found dead in a forest in china. It was about 55 ft long .Actually the workers in the forest unintentionally killed it while they were digging the earth. The workers ran away because of fear when the injured snake lifted its body. Later when they came back they found this snake dead with its huge mouth wide open. This snake has really been a sensation to the whole world. Those workers might have never seen a creature like that before other than from films. What would have been their state of mind when they first saw it.? It’s really an unbelievable snake.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


India clinched a three run victory against srilanka in the first odi played at rajkot.Like all matches played in batting friendly wickets this was also a high scoring match with both teams scoring above 400.At last srilanka fell short by 3 runs which gave India a thrilling victory. One fact which is really exciting besides the form of dilshan and sehwag is the form of sangakkara.Nowadays he is scoring at a strike rate of over 150 in almost every match. I had never seen him play like this before. There are four more odi’s left in the series. I think we will see a lot of fire works from the batting side in the coming matches. I would really like to see yuvraj playing in the next match because he is my favorite player.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well I am back my dear friends. It was really sad to miss all of you. For the last 2 months my internet connection was disconnected and I was also busy with my exams. I am happy that many of my friends had still tried to keep in contact with me.Well,from today onwards i will try to update my blog with good contents.