Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my angel fishes

I have a pair of angel fishes in my big fish tank. Their tank mates include other big fishes like carps and catfishes. A week before the pair laid some eggs on the leaves of some water plants. Angel fishes are extremely protective for their young and both my angel fishes took care of their eggs. But within a few days the big carps in my tank understood that there were some eggs along the water plants . My poor angel fishes tried their level best to protect their eggs, but they couldn’t defend their eggs against the big carps and the eggs were completely eaten. I felt really sorry for my angelfishes because before I could do any help all their eggs were lost.

That shameful incident

Once during my first year college life I accidentally fell into a small sewage besides the road leading to my college. It was a rainy day and the whole place was filled with water. After getting up myself from the fall I found two girls laughing at me and the volume of their laugh increased when they saw me spitting some water which got into my mouth during the fall. I felt really ashamed and embarrassed and within no time I escaped from there in my bike.