Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One of my friends stopped smoking recently and started using smokeless tobacco as a substitute. One reason he has for that is ‘smokeless tobacco is far less harmful than cigarettes’. Nowadays he is using one packet of tobacco pouches daily.Anyway,I never have the opinion that smokeless tobacco products are safe. They can also have other bad effects to our health even though they don’t damage our lungs. Am I right? It’s a pity that even school children are using these kinds of tobacco pouches in our country. There is an unfair advantage in using tobacco pouches and that is no one will recognize a man using tobacco pouches since it is completely hidden under the lips. I really want my friend to stop using this but he thinks that if any problem arises due to tobacco pouches his gum will show early signs like white spots and so by that time he can stop it. Isn’t it funny? To any youngster who has the misconception that smokeless tobacco is safe, my advice to you is that these products can also cause respiratory infections and may even cause mouth cancer with prolonged usage.