Thursday, July 2, 2009


Dear friends. My name is Shabi BK and as u all know I’m someone who is very new to this field of blogging.But I am very keen that my first blog should be about something which i was really interested right from my childhood. It doesn’t mean that this is my only interest, but this is one among my great interests. That’s why i named it as WILD AND EXTREME.Infact it’s about life in the wild, how it can be peaceful and aggressive at the same time. I would like to share all my experiences and observations with u so that in that process u will also be entertained.Right from my younger days I use to have a lot of aquarium fishes and birds at my home .I used to share my experiences with these pets during talks with my friends. During my tenth standard time I had a lot of pigeons at my home and I spend a great deal of time caring for them. Luckily it didn’t affect my studies .now even after completing my engineering studies (to be frank there are some more papers left) I still have a big craze towards animals. An interesting fact is that my mother never liked any of these pets or animals. She always used to quarrel with me for spending time with them. For her it’s just a waste of time. But my father really liked these activities. my personal opinion to any one who don’t have pets at their home is to just buy a tank of aquarium fish and keep it inside your home so that u can experience that pleasant feeling which they give u when u take care of them and even for young children taking care of pets will grow in them a sense of responsibility.Although the name is given as wild and extreme I would like to talk about all kinds of pets and animals and other matters too