Thursday, September 3, 2009


Nile crocodiles are one of the largest crocodiles in the world. Once a prey falls within their range it’s very hard to escape from their jaws of death. Crocodiles are called as ancient reptiles. Nile crocodiles always try to attack any animal that is seen in their river bank. Every year when the migrating herds of animals cross the river banks in search of vegetation these crocodiles will get the opportunity for a very big feast. Although they are fierce looking creatures their maternal instincts are strong. Mothers take their newly hatched babies very gently in the mouth to release them to the water. It will take about fifteen years for a baby crocodile to get big enough to tackle a wildebeest. During the first stages of their life insects constitute their major diet. Adult male crocodiles are sometimes known to eat the newly hatched baby crocodiles from their nest.Should you wish to learn more, Phoenix College offers online courses in zoology, embryology, veterinary medicine, and other related disciplines.