Friday, October 16, 2009


I lost my angel fish eggs once again today. I thought of removing the eggs from the parents today morning, but couldn’t do it since I was a little busy today. I didn’t expect the eggs to be eaten even though the angel fish parents were in a community tank just because of the fact that there were no other big fishes in the tank and the angel fish could easily protect their eggs from the small fishes. But I never thought that the sucker catfish in my tank would be a threat for the eggs and that’s exactly what happened today evening. The sucker catfish sucked the eggs which were laid along a plastic pipe .I think it’s just because of the poor vision of the parents in the dark that enabled the catfish to eat the eggs. It’s really unfortunate to loose the eggs in this way. Hopefully, I will get all the eggs hatched next time without any problem by taking some special care.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We water our mouth often,when we think of buffet dinners. I recently went for a buffer dinner when I was extremely hungry. The expectations of the delicious dishes for the buffet really sharpened my hunger before going for the dinner. Although I went for the dinner with the expectation that I could eat huge amounts of food; all I could manage was some good dishes before I started loosing my appetite. I was really sad because after paying a big amount of money for the dinner I couldn’t eat much. Also when I saw many other people eating continuously for about an hour, I felt irritated. It’s something which happens to me every time I taste different varieties of dishes. It can be really sad when we pay a big amount of money for a buffet and couldn’t capitalize on it. In my case it may be because I am a small man with an even smaller stomach. So there after I understood that its more like a wastage of money rather than having some good dishes of food when I go for buffet dinner. Does this post seem to be funny to you? Then please comment with your experiences about buffet dinners.

Monday, October 12, 2009


It was a totally different vvs laxman in the last airtel champions leagueT20 cricket match that the Deccan chargers played.Laxman is always known for his classic style of batting and wrist work. He is a player who always plays his shots along the ground and through the gaps. Aggression is not something that we associate with his batting. But in the last match he was really trying to be aggressive with every ball he played .He was really trying to muscle the ball and he played a lot of lofted shots which was really unusual for him. I think the pressure of scoring quickly in T20 matches has forced even the most classic players to change their style. In modern days cricket it’s obvious that classic players are going unnoticed and especially in T20 cricket no team likes a player to be too much classic. I really wonder what the future of test cricket will be with lots of T20 matches played every year. I am sure that in the coming years of cricket we are unlikely to see too many classic cricketers.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Perfumes always provide us great means to make ourselves attractive. I often use scents just to make myself feel fresh. When we use a perfume it’s important that the scent which it gives off is enjoyable rather than irritating. I like perfumes which retain its sweet scent even after sweating ourselves a lot. Recently while I was surfing through the net to buy perfumes I found a variety of exciting perfumes in the site .Their wide range of perfumes and colognes tempted me to buy some from them. Even during sexual relationship partners like to provide each other with a good scent. So I personally believe that using a good perfume can add quite a bit to our personality.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One of my friends stopped smoking recently and started using smokeless tobacco as a substitute. One reason he has for that is ‘smokeless tobacco is far less harmful than cigarettes’. Nowadays he is using one packet of tobacco pouches daily.Anyway,I never have the opinion that smokeless tobacco products are safe. They can also have other bad effects to our health even though they don’t damage our lungs. Am I right? It’s a pity that even school children are using these kinds of tobacco pouches in our country. There is an unfair advantage in using tobacco pouches and that is no one will recognize a man using tobacco pouches since it is completely hidden under the lips. I really want my friend to stop using this but he thinks that if any problem arises due to tobacco pouches his gum will show early signs like white spots and so by that time he can stop it. Isn’t it funny? To any youngster who has the misconception that smokeless tobacco is safe, my advice to you is that these products can also cause respiratory infections and may even cause mouth cancer with prolonged usage.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It’s been a year since I had been breeding albino red eye guppies. One thing I understood about them is that they are not easy to raise as the other varieties of guppies. In my experience albinos take a much longer period to reach adulthood from their birth. Even after feeding them with worms which contain high fat content they are not growing so fast as the other guppies. Also a good percentage of them die during the first stages of their life. I don’t know whether other people who raise them are also experiencing this problem. I used to take special care by placing the females which are about to give birth separately in a planted tank so that I can get all the babies without being eaten. one fact I learned from the internet about albino guppies is that they are born blind which makes them easy to be eaten by their parents. Any way I don’t want to stop breeding them since they are very attractive and have comparatively high market value.