Saturday, October 3, 2009


It’s been a year since I had been breeding albino red eye guppies. One thing I understood about them is that they are not easy to raise as the other varieties of guppies. In my experience albinos take a much longer period to reach adulthood from their birth. Even after feeding them with worms which contain high fat content they are not growing so fast as the other guppies. Also a good percentage of them die during the first stages of their life. I don’t know whether other people who raise them are also experiencing this problem. I used to take special care by placing the females which are about to give birth separately in a planted tank so that I can get all the babies without being eaten. one fact I learned from the internet about albino guppies is that they are born blind which makes them easy to be eaten by their parents. Any way I don’t want to stop breeding them since they are very attractive and have comparatively high market value.


  1. a beautiful fish. These fish here, including a corpulent preferred

  2. my friend has diferrent color like yours, so cute