Monday, March 29, 2010


After the loss of three consecutive matches initially it’s been a sensational comeback made by Rajasthan royals in IPL 2010. Having beaten Chennai in the last match played yesterday Rajasthan seems to be a team that could easily go to the finals. Two devastating innings played by yusuf Pathan had turned the spotlight towards him in this IPL also. I think Rajasthan royals will look better if Shane Watson also returns to the team. His genuine all-round capability can do wonders to any team. This IPL has so far proved to be a bad season for Punjab and Chennai led by India’s big hitters Yuvraj and Dhoni.I think considering all the matches played up to now Sachin is the real hero. The boosting confidence that he gained after setting himself the world record score of double hundred in one day match has done wonders to his form and mentality. His confidence and enthusiasm has now reflected to his team Mumbai Indians and that’s why they are at the top now. Chennai has to find some alternatives to improve their bowling otherwise its going to be very tuff for Chennai in the coming matches. With the way Punjab is playing now, it gives me the impression that nothing is going right for them.Deccan chargers are also pushed a step backward after their promising start in the tournament. The sensational form being shown by the players Adam Gilchrist, Sachin Tendulkar and jack kallis who have passed the age of 36 makes this IPL special

Friday, March 26, 2010


Can anyone of us say that we are innocent? Well, we can never tell so, if we are a lover of Mc Donalds or KFC Chicken. Have you ever thought about the Extreme Cruelties and hardships that an innocent goose or duck has to bear before we get it as a delicious Mc Donalds dish. These are the pictures which show the true evidences for that. These pictures are really making me feel that these ducks were born only to live a life In a tight suffocating cage, not even to move a single step and forced to eat the food which they hate and make their body pain, the food meant only to make their liver and body grow fast to unusual size and give them a Premature Death, so that Mc Donalds can Grow up to the sky. They are fed with high fatty enzyme and are not allowed to move a single step to prevent losing energy. As humans don’t we need to make a step from our side to help these innocent creatures? If you think so, atleast reduce the number of times that you visit a Mc Donald’s food corner.Remeber these Gooses can only be saved by us, just keep in mind while eating that you are eating a creature which never led a happy life, even for a second .Can you imagine yourself to be in this situation? So please Provide your part to save them and abandon these food Stuffs.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Capuchin monkeys are known to be one of the most intelligent monkeys in this world. Scientists had tried many experiments to test their intelligence, which includes offering them with their favorite food in closed containers and making them learn to open those containers. Through their experiments capuchins proved to be fast learners in using the correct tool for a particular general capuchins are small monkeys which spend more time in the ground than any other monkeys during day time; however they spent night time fully in the trees. In the wild they have many enemies including jaguars and cougars but they have been seldom reported to be killed by these cats, but eagles have been reported to bring killed capuchins to their nest many times. Capuchins are omnivores and some are even known to eat crabs and sea shells. There are many facts to prove their intelligence which includes their ability to recognize themselves their mirror image which is something unusual for an animal.Capuchins show good affection and consideration to their related ones. They are mostly found in tropical rainforests and a powerful species of capuchins called as Tufted capuchins also exists.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There is not much to worry for people having problems with their vision nowadays, because surgeries for vision recovery is fairly common of the best in this field is lasik vision recovery. Dr. Thierry Hufnagel, MD have been serving patients for over 35 years and their vision recovery is completely painless and most patients see well in about a day or two.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Piranhas are well known as one of the most dangerous carnivorous fishes that hunts as a ferocious pack. They are commonly found in South America and because of them swimming is prohibited in many rivers in South America. Piranhas have a fierce some reputation that a large school of piranhas can even finish an elephant in a few minutes. But this is not the case with all piranhas because red piranhas are only mostly reported as exclusive carnivores. Piranhas are taken as food in many countries. They are also found in many aquariums all over the world as a fish that has good commercial value. Many people enjoy keeping piranhas at their home in glass aquariums and often enjoy watching them hunting after feeding the fishes with live Frogs and Mice. Piranhas can grow up to 25 cm long and their razor sharp teeth are their main weapon. Their behavior as predators is something strange because they never mind the size of the animal which they attack and it’s believed that their predatory instincts rise with their numbers. Piranhas can sense blood within no time and so even a single bite from a lonely piranha can bring all the others together. There are many varieties of piranhas in this world with no exact records in the number of varieties. Red piranhas are mostly found in many aquariums because of their beautiful red coloration on their belly.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Wild dogs are commonly found in Africa.Eventhough they are very lean and small, as a pack they can be devastating as any other predator. They live and hunt together in large numbers which make them a potential threat for any animal. Wild dogs are even known to attack tigers. They live in a well organized and social way with almost every adult taking care of the pups and giving alerts to others. Wild dogs raise their young in the abandoned dens of other animals and they change their dens periodically. Pups grow very fast and assist the adults in the hunting process from young age. They have a phenomenal strike rate in hunting with almost 80% hunts ending in success. Unlike many other predators wild dogs start eating their prey before it dies. They can reproduce at anytime of the year and a single litter may contain 2 to 19 pups. Wild dogs are known to hunt large animals like wildebeest, African buffalo and giraffe calves. Like many fascinating animals that we see in the wild today wild dogs are also endangered because of human over population. Because of the fact that they require large areas of forest and the struggle to hunt in the presence of other predators their numbers are really declining. Lions are well known to kill wild dogs without any hesitation and most often they just kill them without taking them as a food source.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010


After 3 days at home i had returned to the city of ernakulam.Nowadays i feel so bored in this city because the room in which i am living is in a remote area and there are not much entertainments.There are some people living in the nearby rooms of my apartment ,but still its not very pleasant being away from my friends.My best friend was here with me for two months,but unfortunately he got a transfer in his job and now he is far away from me.I think these are one of those real lonely feelings in life that we hate most.I think i should work here for more than a year before i find another job.i wish to live in an area somewhere closer to the busy streets here,but its hard to get one and so there is no way other than being alone