Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Piranhas are well known as one of the most dangerous carnivorous fishes that hunts as a ferocious pack. They are commonly found in South America and because of them swimming is prohibited in many rivers in South America. Piranhas have a fierce some reputation that a large school of piranhas can even finish an elephant in a few minutes. But this is not the case with all piranhas because red piranhas are only mostly reported as exclusive carnivores. Piranhas are taken as food in many countries. They are also found in many aquariums all over the world as a fish that has good commercial value. Many people enjoy keeping piranhas at their home in glass aquariums and often enjoy watching them hunting after feeding the fishes with live Frogs and Mice. Piranhas can grow up to 25 cm long and their razor sharp teeth are their main weapon. Their behavior as predators is something strange because they never mind the size of the animal which they attack and it’s believed that their predatory instincts rise with their numbers. Piranhas can sense blood within no time and so even a single bite from a lonely piranha can bring all the others together. There are many varieties of piranhas in this world with no exact records in the number of varieties. Red piranhas are mostly found in many aquariums because of their beautiful red coloration on their belly.

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