Monday, August 17, 2009


Swordtail fishes are one of the most loved aquatic fishes. They are called swordtails because of the sword like extension of the tail found in male swordtails. However females have normal tails. They are excellent community fishes and are found in wide range of colors like red,green,white,purple ,black etc.other varieties like pineapple swordtails,hifin swordtails are also available. Blood red swordtail fishes are really exciting to watch because of their eye capturing coloration.Lyretail swordtails having double sword like structures on their tail and hifin swordtails having long fins have high commercial value. Swordtail fishes love planted aquarium and they enjoy being in a large group. When you keep three or four in a small tank one male usually becomes dominant among the other males and he can really hurt the others, by maintaining a large number the aggression gets shared. Male swordtails use their sword like tails to attract mates and also to fight with other males. They really love eating tubifex worms and flake foods. Platy fishes are closely related to swordtails and are known to mate with swordtails. Swordtails are generally easy to care and are excellent fishes for beginners