Friday, July 24, 2009


The Siamese fighting fish which is also called as Betta is always known for its brilliant coloration and long fins. They are found in many colors and varieties. As the name suggests male bettas are fierce fighters. A betta seems to be very calm when he lives with other types of fishes in an aquarium. But it’s when you put two males together in a tank that he shows his real fighting nature. A fight between two male bettas will only end with one’s death. A male betta may be a deadly fighter, but he is a good father too, because after spawning with a female he is the one who protects the eggs. A male betta usually likes to live a solitary life. They are easy to keep since a male betta requires only a small container of water and these fishes can live even in poor oxygen conditions. Many people enjoy their fights and making these fishes fight is taken as a sport in some countries.