Saturday, August 29, 2009


One of the female black molly fishes in my aquarium gave birth today. Surprisingly, there are more than forty babies. This is the first time that a molly fish in my aquarium giving birth to over forty babies. She was heavily pregnant last night and I expected her to deliver soon. So I carefully separated her from the rest of the fishes to a small planted tank. Most of the baby fishes are pure black in color and some of them are having white spots. Mollies usually give birth to bigger babies compared to other livebearers and my black molly is also not different. She has been in my aquarium for more than two and a half years and within this time she had given birth many times.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wild boar hunting is enjoyed as a great sport in many parts of Britain. About three hundred years ago these boars were extinct in Britain. After that they were reintroduced from many other countries. But now they are again facing the threat of extinction in Britain due to over hunting. Wild boars belong to the pig family and are very aggressive in nature. Hunters usually head off to hunting riding their horses and accompanied by a large number of dogs. The duty of the dogs is to chase the boars and attack them. After exhausting the boars the dogs move off keeping a safe distance from the boar, this allows the hunter to shoot the boar. Wild boars have been blamed for destroying agricultural fields and spreading many diseases. In some cases the hunted boars are just offered as food to the dogs and such hunters have no special reason for hunting them other than as a sport. They are also hunted for meat by many hunters. Adult wild boars are known to kill tigers and wolves in self defense. They have been also known to kill many hunters who failed to shoot them at the right time during the hunt. These animals are really endangered in many parts of the world.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Its two days since the month of Ramadan has started. Like all years before I am going to be fully dedicated to god this month. I feel a little lazy to wake up early in the morning to have my food after which the fasting starts. The last two days fasting was not much tiresome, may be because I didn’t go out for any work. I hope I could go regularly for the late evening prayers this time also. My whole family except my grandmother is going to fast for this month. My grandma can’t fast as she is too old and weak to do it. After the late evening prayers I used to be with my friends in the mosque. These prayers are called as tarawhee. It’s really a different feeling avoiding food, water and many desires from dawn until dusk for a month.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The type of fishes that you choose for your aquarium is a very important matter before setting an aquarium. Most beginners don’t have a clear idea about the type of fishes which lives well with their aquarium. It’s always good to start with less expensive fishes. If you go with expensive fishes, as beginners you may not know whether they are comfortable with your aquarium or whether they are having any signs of weakness and so if the fishes die because of inadequate care then it will be a big loss of money for you. When you choose fancy goldfishes for your aquarium you should ensure that there are no other small fishes in your tank which have the habit of disturbing these fishes. Some fishes like barbs and mollies which are relatively small in size have the habit of irritating and nipping the fins of fishes having long flowing fins. These small fishes always get attracted to the striking colors and long fins of goldfishes and so they may keep on nipping their fins which may eventually turn to the death of these goldfishes. Also if you are having swordtail fishes then it’s good to have a proper covering on top of your aquarium because swordtails are excellent jumpers. Angel fishes are very efficient in stalking and so if you put them in a community tank then other baby fishes are likely to be eaten by them even if those baby fishes hide between aquatic plants. Catfishes like sucker catfishes feed on the excretory wastes of other fishes and so you can use them as natural cleaners. Aquatic fishes like guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails are the best fishes if you are a beginner because they are easy to care and are relatively inexpensive.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wild animals which live as a group get some significant advantages compared to other animals. Being in a pride lions doesn’t face any big threats. When a solitary hunter like a cheetah or a tiger gets injured it won’t be able to hunt and will most probably starve to death if the injury won’t get healed within some days. But when a lion within a pride gets injured, it will be allowed to take a share from the kill made by the other members and so it won t have any problems filling its stomach. When lions hunt they act as one and that’s why they are able to kill huge sized prey animals. Lions are even known to bring down adult elephants. Lionesses within a particular pride will be closely related and so the cubs in the pride will be allowed to suckle from all the mothers in the pride. The dominant male lion which is the leader of the pride don’t take part in the hunting process most often. He may seem to be lazy, but it’s when the tranquility of the pride breaks that the male lion shows his real strength. He is the one who protects the entire pride from other intruder lions and he is the one who kills hyenas which are the biggest enemies of lions. A good pride will always be well fed and the cubs in the pride will have a high chance in reaching adulthood. It’s because of this team work that the lions are the most dominant and powerful predators

Monday, August 17, 2009


Swordtail fishes are one of the most loved aquatic fishes. They are called swordtails because of the sword like extension of the tail found in male swordtails. However females have normal tails. They are excellent community fishes and are found in wide range of colors like red,green,white,purple ,black etc.other varieties like pineapple swordtails,hifin swordtails are also available. Blood red swordtail fishes are really exciting to watch because of their eye capturing coloration.Lyretail swordtails having double sword like structures on their tail and hifin swordtails having long fins have high commercial value. Swordtail fishes love planted aquarium and they enjoy being in a large group. When you keep three or four in a small tank one male usually becomes dominant among the other males and he can really hurt the others, by maintaining a large number the aggression gets shared. Male swordtails use their sword like tails to attract mates and also to fight with other males. They really love eating tubifex worms and flake foods. Platy fishes are closely related to swordtails and are known to mate with swordtails. Swordtails are generally easy to care and are excellent fishes for beginners

Friday, August 14, 2009


I bought a pair of fantail pigeons yesterday. Both of them are pure white in color and are stunning to watch. I have a wooden cage for them and they seem to be very satisfied with their new home. I wish I could breed many fantail pigeons with this pair and I am really enjoying watching them every time. It will take some time before they get used to the new conditions and I am sure that slowly and steadily we will be in good company. The female pigeon seems to have a good appetite; she is taking food as much as I give her. The male always moves close to her and he is very watchful of his mate. They should be given good care since they are very different from ordinary pigeons

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It’s very important to set some plants in an aquarium. Aquatic plants offer the fishes with food and oxygen. To maintain the plants in a healthy state its best to keep the aquarium in a place where there is adequate light. Like all plants aquatic plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. So in some aquariums carbon dioxide pumps are used to provide them with adequate carbon dioxide. When an aquarium is well planted newly born baby fishes will have plenty of hiding places and this will save them from being eaten by other fishes. Planting aquatic plants in a glass tank adds to the beauty of an aquarium greatly. Live bearing aquatic fishes love planted aquariums while fishes like gold fishes and carps eat these plants in large amounts so in presence of these fishes some aquatic plants may be harmed. Many fishes lay their eggs on the leaves of these plants and so if you want your fishes to lay eggs your aquarium should be properly planted.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hyenas are one of the most cunning and excellent opportunists in the wild. A hyena spots weakness in a prey animal earlier than any other predator does. They never miss a chance for an easy meal and will try any means to fill their stomach including stealing other predator’s kill. There is a great hatred between lions and hyenas, with team work hyenas can be a big threat to lions. Their jaws are designed for superior crushing strength and can completely feed on a carcass including the toughest bones. So they are one of the nature’s greatest cleaners. A pack of hyenas will be led by a dominant female called the matriarch. The matriarch and her offspring will have high privileges in the pack. Male lions kill hyenas whenever they get an opportunity and hyenas also attack lions when they have the advantage. Hyenas are highly adaptable since they can hunt and scavenge. Hyenas are sometimes called laughing animals because of the laugh like strange sounds that they make.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fishes. They are known for the brilliant coloration of male guppies. Females are less attractive and usually grow to larger size than males. They are excellent fishes for beginners and most people enjoy breeding them since they give birth to over 20 babies in every 3 to 4 weeks. They are found in a wide range of colors and varieties and through selective breeding magnificent varieties of guppies are being produced. There is an international association for guppy breeders called the international fancy guppy association. These small fishes are really loved by most aquarists and many small children take it as a hobby breeding guppies. Its best to keep these fishes as a group and with a 20 L aquarium about 10 guppies can be kept easily. It’s best to keep lesser number of males as compared to females. Guppies eat a variety of foods like flakes and worms. They really love eating live tubifex worms and that’s the best food if you want your guppies to grow faster. Guppies can be released in small ponds and wells where mosquitoes are likely to breed, so that the guppies will eat all the mosquito larvae.