Saturday, August 22, 2009


The type of fishes that you choose for your aquarium is a very important matter before setting an aquarium. Most beginners don’t have a clear idea about the type of fishes which lives well with their aquarium. It’s always good to start with less expensive fishes. If you go with expensive fishes, as beginners you may not know whether they are comfortable with your aquarium or whether they are having any signs of weakness and so if the fishes die because of inadequate care then it will be a big loss of money for you. When you choose fancy goldfishes for your aquarium you should ensure that there are no other small fishes in your tank which have the habit of disturbing these fishes. Some fishes like barbs and mollies which are relatively small in size have the habit of irritating and nipping the fins of fishes having long flowing fins. These small fishes always get attracted to the striking colors and long fins of goldfishes and so they may keep on nipping their fins which may eventually turn to the death of these goldfishes. Also if you are having swordtail fishes then it’s good to have a proper covering on top of your aquarium because swordtails are excellent jumpers. Angel fishes are very efficient in stalking and so if you put them in a community tank then other baby fishes are likely to be eaten by them even if those baby fishes hide between aquatic plants. Catfishes like sucker catfishes feed on the excretory wastes of other fishes and so you can use them as natural cleaners. Aquatic fishes like guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails are the best fishes if you are a beginner because they are easy to care and are relatively inexpensive.


  1. my kids want to have an aquarium. but i said no because it requires time to clean. maybe 5 yrs. from now,they are old enough to take care of the aquarium then they can have one. i like to have an aquarium but it's tiresome to clean it.

  2. thanks for sharing this. my friend has a big aquarium in their living room since they were caring for a buch of goldfish. they use them more for dispay rather than for petting :( I must hand it to them for making it look so fabulous all the time.

  3. It's true that you have to choose the kinds of fishies that you'll put in an aquarium. I'm not sure if all fish are territorial, but I do know that there are certain kinds that feel that they should defend a particular area against intruders. Bloghopping.Ü


  4. our fish are territorial, they're called cichlids. they are amazingly smart and interesting.'s nice to have an aquarium. soothing to hear the bubbles, and calming to see the fishes swimming around. plus the fact that it looks mighty nice=)

    thanks for droppin by my blog. hope you visit back=) exchange links?

  5. Wow, thanks for the tips about taking care of aquarium fishes. As for me, I am a frustrated owner of aquarium and many fishes died on me so I stopped having an aquarium all together.

  6. i like fish..but my hobby is fishing...
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