Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wild animals which live as a group get some significant advantages compared to other animals. Being in a pride lions doesn’t face any big threats. When a solitary hunter like a cheetah or a tiger gets injured it won’t be able to hunt and will most probably starve to death if the injury won’t get healed within some days. But when a lion within a pride gets injured, it will be allowed to take a share from the kill made by the other members and so it won t have any problems filling its stomach. When lions hunt they act as one and that’s why they are able to kill huge sized prey animals. Lions are even known to bring down adult elephants. Lionesses within a particular pride will be closely related and so the cubs in the pride will be allowed to suckle from all the mothers in the pride. The dominant male lion which is the leader of the pride don’t take part in the hunting process most often. He may seem to be lazy, but it’s when the tranquility of the pride breaks that the male lion shows his real strength. He is the one who protects the entire pride from other intruder lions and he is the one who kills hyenas which are the biggest enemies of lions. A good pride will always be well fed and the cubs in the pride will have a high chance in reaching adulthood. It’s because of this team work that the lions are the most dominant and powerful predators


  1. Nice! Very timely post for my month. The month of Leo.

    A hypothetical question. If we pit the lion and the tiger against one another, which of them will win?

    Oh, by the way, thanks for linking me. I saw you typed paradoxic ley line. But the true title of that site is Before the Eastern Sunset. Paradoxic Ley Line is my political blog.

    Hope you are well.

  2. extraordinary animal that alone or groups remains strong..

  3. rose
    thanks...nice info...keep update i'm still waiting
    aceh barat

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