Friday, September 4, 2009


Catfishes are one of the most adaptable fishes. Most of them can live even in extremely poor oxygen conditions. They are bottom feeders and eat many kinds of food and other wastes seen in the bottom. Most catfishes have tough skin and are generally peaceful fishes. Some catfishes are designed to move through the land in search of water. In the wild during drought conditions catfishes move through the land to find water to sustain their life. But that’s the time when they are very vulnerable to many birds which prey on fish. Any fish seen in the land is an easy picking for a bird. Catfishes like sucker catfishes are seen in most aquariums and they live very comfortably with other type of fishes. Their name comes from the fact that the barbels around their mouth look like a cat’s whiskers. Most species of catfishes take care of their eggs and some are even known to look after their young.