Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A friendly fight can sometimes turn to a serious violent fight. These things are likely to happen in any ones life. I had a fight with one of my friends in a beach some days before. It was very much like a friendly fight before I got a nasty blow on my stomach unintentionally from him. The pain of that blow forced me to give him a slap on his face and immediately the situation got worse. Soon the rest of our friends intervened in the matter and that prevented both of us from getting badly injured. After the fight I felt really bad and I came back to my home. It’s always a sad feeling when friends fight each other for no reason. After thinking a lot about the matter at my home I realized that if I could resist beating him after I got that unintentional blow at that time, then the situation would not have been that much worse. That night I called him in his telephone and we talked a lot consoling each other. So now I am very happy to inform you that we are good friends again.