Monday, April 5, 2010


I had written many posts about live bearing aquatic fishes, but still I would like to write about them a lot. This post provides a comparison between albino guppies, mollies and swordtails.
One of the main factors concerned with breeding live bearing aquatic fishes is making their babies grow faster. Of course baby fishes of mollies, guppies and swordtails grow without much care, but still making them grow faster in a healthy way to good show quality fishes is not easy.
It’s well known that infusorians are the best food for baby guppies, but I believe that leaving some new born baby albino guppies in a planted tank for weeks with the intention that they will grow well feeding on infusorians is not a good idea. This is because albino guppies are naturally poor in vision and so they are not good in feeding on infusorians. So they require other special food considering the fact that they are slow to grow.
In my experience mollies are far less cannibalistic than swordtails and guppies. Baby mollies can be put along with their parents, may be in rare cases some will be lost, but most of them will be alive. Mollies love planted aquariums and it’s good to keep mollies in a tank with variety of plants because they will find plenty of food from the plants.
According to me swordtails are more carnivorous than any other common live bearers. Swordtail mothers go after their babies immediately after giving birth and they are known to be lovers of beef heart and chicken liver. Young swordtails grow well on a diet consisting of tubifex worms.