Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hyenas are one of the most cunning and excellent opportunists in the wild. A hyena spots weakness in a prey animal earlier than any other predator does. They never miss a chance for an easy meal and will try any means to fill their stomach including stealing other predator’s kill. There is a great hatred between lions and hyenas, with team work hyenas can be a big threat to lions. Their jaws are designed for superior crushing strength and can completely feed on a carcass including the toughest bones. So they are one of the nature’s greatest cleaners. A pack of hyenas will be led by a dominant female called the matriarch. The matriarch and her offspring will have high privileges in the pack. Male lions kill hyenas whenever they get an opportunity and hyenas also attack lions when they have the advantage. Hyenas are highly adaptable since they can hunt and scavenge. Hyenas are sometimes called laughing animals because of the laugh like strange sounds that they make.