Thursday, February 18, 2010


There was a loud appeal from the crowd too when Harbhajan Singh appealed for the lbw to get the last wicket of morkel in the second test match against southafrica played at kolkata.The match was so important to India because of two reasons. One reason was that it’s a real prestige issue for India to lose the test series played at home and the other was that India could keep their number one position in test match only by winning this match. It was really nail biting moments during the last session of day five when the last pair of amla and morkel promised south Africa very much. It was a thrilling victory for India with just a few overs away before it was supposed to be called as a draw match. India won the match by an innings and 57 runs giving the south Africans an excellent reply for what they did to India in the first match. The absence of Zaheer was well tackled by the three bowlers mishra , harbhajan and Sharma with Sharma getting two crucial wickets towards the end.Harbhajan was the man for India,getting five wickets to lead the nation to victory. The England cricket team had drawn twice against sothafrica in the same situation as South Africa was in today. So they might have thought that this was their day and it almost looked so with Hashim Amla in the crease playing in an unshakable way. Anyway these are one of those rare occasions when test match becomes so interesting to watch.