Thursday, October 15, 2009


We water our mouth often,when we think of buffet dinners. I recently went for a buffer dinner when I was extremely hungry. The expectations of the delicious dishes for the buffet really sharpened my hunger before going for the dinner. Although I went for the dinner with the expectation that I could eat huge amounts of food; all I could manage was some good dishes before I started loosing my appetite. I was really sad because after paying a big amount of money for the dinner I couldn’t eat much. Also when I saw many other people eating continuously for about an hour, I felt irritated. It’s something which happens to me every time I taste different varieties of dishes. It can be really sad when we pay a big amount of money for a buffet and couldn’t capitalize on it. In my case it may be because I am a small man with an even smaller stomach. So there after I understood that its more like a wastage of money rather than having some good dishes of food when I go for buffet dinner. Does this post seem to be funny to you? Then please comment with your experiences about buffet dinners.