Thursday, February 18, 2010


There was a loud appeal from the crowd too when Harbhajan Singh appealed for the lbw to get the last wicket of morkel in the second test match against southafrica played at kolkata.The match was so important to India because of two reasons. One reason was that it’s a real prestige issue for India to lose the test series played at home and the other was that India could keep their number one position in test match only by winning this match. It was really nail biting moments during the last session of day five when the last pair of amla and morkel promised south Africa very much. It was a thrilling victory for India with just a few overs away before it was supposed to be called as a draw match. India won the match by an innings and 57 runs giving the south Africans an excellent reply for what they did to India in the first match. The absence of Zaheer was well tackled by the three bowlers mishra , harbhajan and Sharma with Sharma getting two crucial wickets towards the end.Harbhajan was the man for India,getting five wickets to lead the nation to victory. The England cricket team had drawn twice against sothafrica in the same situation as South Africa was in today. So they might have thought that this was their day and it almost looked so with Hashim Amla in the crease playing in an unshakable way. Anyway these are one of those rare occasions when test match becomes so interesting to watch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


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Its really good to hear that the indian selectors decided to include suresh raina for the next test match against SouthAfrica.He has played 87 one day matches for india and didnt get a chance for the tests its high time that india should test his abilities in the longer version of the game.I am not sure how successful he will be in the tests just because of the fact that he is a fearless hitter of the cricket ball like yuvraj.Hard hitting batsmen are not always very successful in test matches.But when we talk about virender sehwag, it's a totally different situation.He has the ability to stand longer in test matches with the record of scoring two triple hundreds in test matches,but what's really strange is that he gets out often very quickly in the one day matches.I think if virender sehwag can do a good mind work about this matter he can be a great asset for india in the one day matches.Now raina has got the opportunity and the next test match will give us some measure of how he will deal the test matches.we will wait and see.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I am having very high workload in my office nowadays. I never thought that I will be loaded with this much work in this early stage of my job. Nowadays I am working from nine in the morning to eight in the evening. so in all these days my life is like, going to office then returning to room, sleeping and then again going to office in the morning, for 6 days in a week. It’s really tiresome to work 11 hours in a day. As a result I am having the temptation to get myself drunk after my office time. I am also away from my home, so there is nothing else to bother when I go to drink alcohol. Well, I don’t mean that I am a drunkard .But it’s just due to the bored feeling that I am getting drunk nowadays in the evening. Anyway I always make it sure that I don’t drink beyond the limits.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am showing you some pictures of animal attacks here.some pictures are funny too.These pictures may tell you ' never mess with nature'.Those monkeys are attacking a car which which had undergone some trouble and couldn't move.You can see the monkey with the stick trying to hit the man.what happened later is unknown to me.whenever you are in a place which is supposed to have a lot of wild animals you should take some care.Monkeys will be always in an exploring mood and it that process they might hurt you.So monkeys are also never safe and i don't think that i have to tell you about crocodiles and lions ,they are simply devastating.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Can you see the white crow on this picture?This crow was found here in the town of attingal in trivandrum might kow that white crows are not naturally found anywhere.Its very rare and its due to some unusual genetic changes that white crows are hatched from the eggs of black parents.The problem was that because of its pretty white color his black parents and other fellow mates hated it when it grew up and he was attacked and chased by all the other black crows and this crow was found exhausted near the house of the two boys whom you are seeing in this picture.But now he is well cared by the people of this family.This is another proof that albino varieties can be born from any type of creatures.Anyway i think white crows can be treated in the same way as white pigeons if we get one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well friends, do you have any idea about where our old phones had gone? Recently I was wondering about that. I thought they might have vanished forever. But the picture below shows how beautifully old phones can be used. Artificial sheeps with old telephones as their heads. Isn’t it interesting.This is the way how old things should be used .when we look around our house we will see many old items on which we give little attention. But someone with an artistic mind may see it with another eye. That’s how many wonderful and artistic creations are made. I think the image here is a snap taken from the reception of some hotel. The person who created them might have done a lot of cotton works also. I really liked it and that’s why I posted it here to get it noticed by all.

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