Friday, October 16, 2009


I lost my angel fish eggs once again today. I thought of removing the eggs from the parents today morning, but couldn’t do it since I was a little busy today. I didn’t expect the eggs to be eaten even though the angel fish parents were in a community tank just because of the fact that there were no other big fishes in the tank and the angel fish could easily protect their eggs from the small fishes. But I never thought that the sucker catfish in my tank would be a threat for the eggs and that’s exactly what happened today evening. The sucker catfish sucked the eggs which were laid along a plastic pipe .I think it’s just because of the poor vision of the parents in the dark that enabled the catfish to eat the eggs. It’s really unfortunate to loose the eggs in this way. Hopefully, I will get all the eggs hatched next time without any problem by taking some special care.