Friday, October 16, 2009


I lost my angel fish eggs once again today. I thought of removing the eggs from the parents today morning, but couldn’t do it since I was a little busy today. I didn’t expect the eggs to be eaten even though the angel fish parents were in a community tank just because of the fact that there were no other big fishes in the tank and the angel fish could easily protect their eggs from the small fishes. But I never thought that the sucker catfish in my tank would be a threat for the eggs and that’s exactly what happened today evening. The sucker catfish sucked the eggs which were laid along a plastic pipe .I think it’s just because of the poor vision of the parents in the dark that enabled the catfish to eat the eggs. It’s really unfortunate to loose the eggs in this way. Hopefully, I will get all the eggs hatched next time without any problem by taking some special care.


  1. that's true. First time in my aquarium an angel to hatch egg but it was just eaten because i don't know what to do.

  2. oh.. pity those eggs..
    you never get to see them grow.. =(

  3. so sorry to hear that..wish that you'll be more carefull in the next time...

    Hard Work is Our Energy

  4. Better luck next time!

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  5. dont mind - dont mind... next time hope be better. By the way you have a good blog, I followed your blog and added your link in my friends link. Please check it out and do not forget add my link as well, thank you.

  6. catfish is predator, so....Catfish said : nyam..nyam..nyammmm..yummy!

  7. Sad to hear that from you, my friend. But this will be a valuable lesson and I'm sure next you'll succeed.

  8. That is not good. Well, just be more careful next and keep the catfish from the eggs.

  9. The sucker fish is too effective in "cleaning"! A real pity.

  10. sorry to hear that shabs =( our cichlids who have proven time and again that they're no longer carnivorous suddenly ate 2 of the auratus we just bought...we really cant tell what these fishes have in mind huh ;)

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