Saturday, January 16, 2010


Nowadays I am really lazy to wake up early in the morning. May be it’s because of the fact that I am staying in a four star hotel now. So its great pleasure to have a good sleep after a tasty dinner. As a result for the last two days I have been reaching office half an hour late. I am a little afraid whether the management will warn me. Staying in a four star hotel doesn’t mean that I am paying that big room rent and money for food. This hotel is owned by my family friend. So he offered me with free stay and food till I find a room to stay in this city. So I am really enjoying the luxuries and experiences in this hotel which includes buffet dinner, buffet breakfast, internet cafĂ©, swimming pool and gaming centers. But I really wonder what will be my state of mind when I suddenly change to a small room. Well it will be really hard for me to adjust to a totally different condition and within two days it will happen. I hope I can express my condition at that time in another post.