Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wild boar hunting is enjoyed as a great sport in many parts of Britain. About three hundred years ago these boars were extinct in Britain. After that they were reintroduced from many other countries. But now they are again facing the threat of extinction in Britain due to over hunting. Wild boars belong to the pig family and are very aggressive in nature. Hunters usually head off to hunting riding their horses and accompanied by a large number of dogs. The duty of the dogs is to chase the boars and attack them. After exhausting the boars the dogs move off keeping a safe distance from the boar, this allows the hunter to shoot the boar. Wild boars have been blamed for destroying agricultural fields and spreading many diseases. In some cases the hunted boars are just offered as food to the dogs and such hunters have no special reason for hunting them other than as a sport. They are also hunted for meat by many hunters. Adult wild boars are known to kill tigers and wolves in self defense. They have been also known to kill many hunters who failed to shoot them at the right time during the hunt. These animals are really endangered in many parts of the world.