Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Capuchin monkeys are known to be one of the most intelligent monkeys in this world. Scientists had tried many experiments to test their intelligence, which includes offering them with their favorite food in closed containers and making them learn to open those containers. Through their experiments capuchins proved to be fast learners in using the correct tool for a particular general capuchins are small monkeys which spend more time in the ground than any other monkeys during day time; however they spent night time fully in the trees. In the wild they have many enemies including jaguars and cougars but they have been seldom reported to be killed by these cats, but eagles have been reported to bring killed capuchins to their nest many times. Capuchins are omnivores and some are even known to eat crabs and sea shells. There are many facts to prove their intelligence which includes their ability to recognize themselves their mirror image which is something unusual for an animal.Capuchins show good affection and consideration to their related ones. They are mostly found in tropical rainforests and a powerful species of capuchins called as Tufted capuchins also exists.