Sunday, July 12, 2009


We all know that snakes are venomous and deadly. Normally snakes attack humans to save their lives. There is a snake in Africa called as black mamba. It’s one of Africa’s most feared and dangerous snakes. Most Africans have many stories to tell about black mambas. Can u imagine a snake which chases u and attack? These black mambas are known for that. They are really aggressive when threatened and will straightly go for the attack. There are many strange stories related to black mambas like getting into houses and attacking each and everyone in the house, chasing people for long distances and so on. But there are no solid evidences for all these things. They have been blamed for many deaths in Africa .Anyway, I had never seen a black mamba and if I get an opportunity to see one, I would like to check whether they have this strange behavior.