Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It’s very sad that team India is really struggling to enter the semifinals in champions trophy cricket 2009.With the match against Australia being washed out because of the rain the chances are that the team is going out of champions trophy. Now the situation is that India need to beat west Indies in their coming match by a big margin and also Pakistan should beat Australia which seems rather unlikely to happen. I am a big fan of the stylish left hander yuvraj and India is really missing him in champions trophy. He is the greatest strength for the Indian middle order and without him I feel a little bored to watch champions trophy cricket.i feel that we miss a lot of action with the absence of the two magnificent strikers in world cricket,yuvraj and sehwag.ofcourse the injury to zaheer khan too had really affected the team. What will happen in the match against West Indies? We will wait and see.

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is what happens when wild animals attack. The man on the picture was attacked by a polar bear. He and his friends were sleeping in a tent when the bear entered the tent. I have many other pictures of this man inflicted by fatal wounds in his body parts. But I think it should not be shown here because it’s really horrible to watch. The bear really attacked his head tearing off the top portion of his head and his leg was really crushed. Some how his friends managed to kill the bear and save his life, but not before getting badly wounded. So whenever you are in a forest with any wildlife expedition beware that wild animals are never to be taken lightly. They are born with wild instincts and even if you try to keep one of them at your home giving it all your love, you are never safe. The animals can never be blamed for this because it’s their nature

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Flowerhorn cichlids are a special variety of cichlids known for the hump on their heads. They can be called as aquatic bulls with their aggressive nature and distinctively shaped head. Like many exciting varieties of aquatic fishes that we see to day flowerhorns are also man made hybrids. Their market value varies with the size of the hump, larger the hump; higher will be the price. They are territorial fishes and it’s not that easy to pair cichlids. They eat a large variety of foods and you won’t have any problems in making them eat. Even though young flowerhorn cichlids are much cheaper than adults, the problem is that you won’t know what type of color it will exhibit as it grows big.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If you are keeping your aquarium outside your house, one thing you should take care is that your aquarium should have a proper covering. One of the main reasons for having a proper covering is due to dragon flies. Most dragon flies lay their eggs in water .You might have seen dragon flies jumping in and out of your aquarium touching the surface of the water, if you are having a fish pond outside. Actually these dragon flies are laying their eggs by doing so. When these eggs hatch there is every chance that the larvae attack the small baby fishes in the aquarium for their food. Baby fishes of guppies and swordtails are very small by birth which makes them ideal prey for these dragon fly larvae. So it’s always good to have a covering on top of your aquarium if you are having one outside. This will prevent dragon flies and other unwanted insects from interacting with the aquarium.

Friday, September 18, 2009


A mild earthquake was experienced here in kerala at 6 45 in the evening. I was sitting in front of the television when I felt the vibration of the earth. My grandmother who was resting in her bed at that time asked me whether somebody is moving her bed. This is the first time that I had experienced an earthquake, even though it is a mild one. Pigeons are known to be very sensitive to earth quakes and tsunamis. Their legs are very sensitive that they can even detect the slightest vibrations of the earth very early.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I spend the whole night with prayers and dikirs last night without sleep in the mosque.Yes,it was the twenty seventh night of Ramadan and it’s the night which is most likely to be the night of lailathulqadar out of the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan.lailathulqadar is the most blessed night in the month of Ramadan. It’s the night when Muslims all over the world try to be at the mosque entirely dedicated to god. So I was at a mosque which is quite far away from my home area and I was accompanied by a large group of my friends. Some of my friends couldn’t resist sleeping late night, but still I tried my level best to make them awake. The month of Ramadan is coming to an end and there are only three more fasting days left.

Monday, September 14, 2009


My friend’s father has a big craze towards aquarium fishes. He spends a lot of money buying costly aquarium fishes. he too have a pets corner of his own where he sells a lot of fishes .He is a great aquarium hobbyist from his age of seven. According to him’ if someone starts an aquarium with the intention of business alone then its only going to be a loss ,but if it is taken with the real love for fishes, then even if it is not profitable it won’t hurt’. He is really concentrating on swordtail fish breeding now and he expects himself to get into the Guinness book of records by breeding many different varieties of swordtails. No matter whether he is busy with other things or not, he will always have time to spend with his fishes.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Every night I used to kill some mosquitoes during my sleep and the next morning I could see them dead in my bed. An interesting fact is that I never waste these dead mosquitoes; instead I use them to feed my betta fish kept in a small glass bowl in my room. Nowadays he is really enjoying eating them. Every time I go near his glass bowl he expects that I am coming with dead mosquitoes and so he comes to the surface of the glass bowl. As a result now he is very reluctant to eat the other tinned foods. Anyway I am not planning to get mosquito bites anymore and I want to get rid of them. So I need to find some mosquito larvae as a substitute for dead mosquitoes to feed my betta fish. He is really growing fast and has a good appetite.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This incident happened Years before when I was studying in my tenth standard. I studied in a boys only class that time and so we were all always united and helping to each other. One afternoon while my teacher was writing on the blackboard one of my friends fired a cracker in the teacher’s table. It cracked loudly and before the teacher turned back he ran to his seat. Actually she couldn’t find who did it. But somehow she suspected my friend and asked him to go out of the class and she threatened him telling that he will be dismissed from the school. At once the whole class including my self stood up and said ‘it’s we who did it and it’s not him’. Our teacher was completely helpless against our unity and so our friend was saved.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I just got up after a very long sleep of over 11 hours. May be because of the long sleep, I am still feeling sleepy and out of mood. The climate here is extremely cold and still tempting me to go to bed. It was really pouring heavily last night. Anyway, I am planning to go to my friend’s house which is twenty kilometers from here. The main problem is that my bike is not in good condition and nowadays it’s really behaving badly. So I want to go in my brother’s bike. The house which I am about to go is in a remote area between a lot of rubber trees. I always like being there because its one of the few houses that I had seen, where we can enjoy the beauty of nature sitting at the house itself.My friend is staying there alone for many days and so he is desperate for company. He has been calling me for many days and so definitely I want to go there today.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Catfishes are one of the most adaptable fishes. Most of them can live even in extremely poor oxygen conditions. They are bottom feeders and eat many kinds of food and other wastes seen in the bottom. Most catfishes have tough skin and are generally peaceful fishes. Some catfishes are designed to move through the land in search of water. In the wild during drought conditions catfishes move through the land to find water to sustain their life. But that’s the time when they are very vulnerable to many birds which prey on fish. Any fish seen in the land is an easy picking for a bird. Catfishes like sucker catfishes are seen in most aquariums and they live very comfortably with other type of fishes. Their name comes from the fact that the barbels around their mouth look like a cat’s whiskers. Most species of catfishes take care of their eggs and some are even known to look after their young.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Nile crocodiles are one of the largest crocodiles in the world. Once a prey falls within their range it’s very hard to escape from their jaws of death. Crocodiles are called as ancient reptiles. Nile crocodiles always try to attack any animal that is seen in their river bank. Every year when the migrating herds of animals cross the river banks in search of vegetation these crocodiles will get the opportunity for a very big feast. Although they are fierce looking creatures their maternal instincts are strong. Mothers take their newly hatched babies very gently in the mouth to release them to the water. It will take about fifteen years for a baby crocodile to get big enough to tackle a wildebeest. During the first stages of their life insects constitute their major diet. Adult male crocodiles are sometimes known to eat the newly hatched baby crocodiles from their nest.Should you wish to learn more, Phoenix College offers online courses in zoology, embryology, veterinary medicine, and other related disciplines.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A friendly fight can sometimes turn to a serious violent fight. These things are likely to happen in any ones life. I had a fight with one of my friends in a beach some days before. It was very much like a friendly fight before I got a nasty blow on my stomach unintentionally from him. The pain of that blow forced me to give him a slap on his face and immediately the situation got worse. Soon the rest of our friends intervened in the matter and that prevented both of us from getting badly injured. After the fight I felt really bad and I came back to my home. It’s always a sad feeling when friends fight each other for no reason. After thinking a lot about the matter at my home I realized that if I could resist beating him after I got that unintentional blow at that time, then the situation would not have been that much worse. That night I called him in his telephone and we talked a lot consoling each other. So now I am very happy to inform you that we are good friends again.