Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This incident happened Years before when I was studying in my tenth standard. I studied in a boys only class that time and so we were all always united and helping to each other. One afternoon while my teacher was writing on the blackboard one of my friends fired a cracker in the teacher’s table. It cracked loudly and before the teacher turned back he ran to his seat. Actually she couldn’t find who did it. But somehow she suspected my friend and asked him to go out of the class and she threatened him telling that he will be dismissed from the school. At once the whole class including my self stood up and said ‘it’s we who did it and it’s not him’. Our teacher was completely helpless against our unity and so our friend was saved.


  1. wahahah! so harsh naman... but u really portray UNITy here.. aheheH!

  2. memory always be the nice part of our life