Friday, September 11, 2009


Every night I used to kill some mosquitoes during my sleep and the next morning I could see them dead in my bed. An interesting fact is that I never waste these dead mosquitoes; instead I use them to feed my betta fish kept in a small glass bowl in my room. Nowadays he is really enjoying eating them. Every time I go near his glass bowl he expects that I am coming with dead mosquitoes and so he comes to the surface of the glass bowl. As a result now he is very reluctant to eat the other tinned foods. Anyway I am not planning to get mosquito bites anymore and I want to get rid of them. So I need to find some mosquito larvae as a substitute for dead mosquitoes to feed my betta fish. He is really growing fast and has a good appetite.


  1. so Cute namn nIto.. ahehheh!
    resOurceful... you shOuld be loving moAquitoes talaga for them to come near you... and benefit with them

  2. I hate mosquitoes, I hunt them with mosquito's hitting pan.

    Holiday With Mama

    My Children N Me

  3. Nice way of using dead mosquitoes. At least their dead bdies are not wasted, but instead used to nourish your pet.

  4. It's so funny...Your "posh" little fish enjoyed the snacks and now is refusing other than that...LOL

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