Sunday, September 6, 2009


I just got up after a very long sleep of over 11 hours. May be because of the long sleep, I am still feeling sleepy and out of mood. The climate here is extremely cold and still tempting me to go to bed. It was really pouring heavily last night. Anyway, I am planning to go to my friend’s house which is twenty kilometers from here. The main problem is that my bike is not in good condition and nowadays it’s really behaving badly. So I want to go in my brother’s bike. The house which I am about to go is in a remote area between a lot of rubber trees. I always like being there because its one of the few houses that I had seen, where we can enjoy the beauty of nature sitting at the house itself.My friend is staying there alone for many days and so he is desperate for company. He has been calling me for many days and so definitely I want to go there today.


  1. gudlak sa pagjajam nu ng kaibigan mo..

  2. It's so good to sleep a lot sometimes...

  3. i would like to stay in village, so joyfull and so nature, keep share