Friday, September 18, 2009


A mild earthquake was experienced here in kerala at 6 45 in the evening. I was sitting in front of the television when I felt the vibration of the earth. My grandmother who was resting in her bed at that time asked me whether somebody is moving her bed. This is the first time that I had experienced an earthquake, even though it is a mild one. Pigeons are known to be very sensitive to earth quakes and tsunamis. Their legs are very sensitive that they can even detect the slightest vibrations of the earth very early.


  1. I just read your post and just wanna share also that I experienced a mild earthquake when I was in Bohol Philippines. I was in the church and suddenly there was a shake like vibration and the chandeliers are shaking. I thought there might be a large truck that pass by by it was in the news that we experinced intensity 4.

    Anyway, I like to be in touch with your blog. Hope you will follow my blog and check out my post today too.

  2. Mild earthquakes hit most parts of Indian Peninsula, including Kerala, frequently. I experience it at least once in a year in Delhi. Delhi is just below the fault-region of the Himalayas, the youngest mountain range in the world, and the northern most part of the Indian Plate that constantly pushes against the Asian Plate, causing seismic tremors quiet frequently. Possibly, you might have had many light tremors but you might not have noticed it.

    Krishna, Delhi

  3. Oh earth quake is scary, I have been experienced it back in my hometown, good to know there is no earth quake here in Sweden..

  4. I experienced it at least twice here in Portugal.. Horrible..I was scared.