Friday, March 26, 2010


Can anyone of us say that we are innocent? Well, we can never tell so, if we are a lover of Mc Donalds or KFC Chicken. Have you ever thought about the Extreme Cruelties and hardships that an innocent goose or duck has to bear before we get it as a delicious Mc Donalds dish. These are the pictures which show the true evidences for that. These pictures are really making me feel that these ducks were born only to live a life In a tight suffocating cage, not even to move a single step and forced to eat the food which they hate and make their body pain, the food meant only to make their liver and body grow fast to unusual size and give them a Premature Death, so that Mc Donalds can Grow up to the sky. They are fed with high fatty enzyme and are not allowed to move a single step to prevent losing energy. As humans don’t we need to make a step from our side to help these innocent creatures? If you think so, atleast reduce the number of times that you visit a Mc Donald’s food corner.Remeber these Gooses can only be saved by us, just keep in mind while eating that you are eating a creature which never led a happy life, even for a second .Can you imagine yourself to be in this situation? So please Provide your part to save them and abandon these food Stuffs.

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