Friday, October 9, 2009


Perfumes always provide us great means to make ourselves attractive. I often use scents just to make myself feel fresh. When we use a perfume it’s important that the scent which it gives off is enjoyable rather than irritating. I like perfumes which retain its sweet scent even after sweating ourselves a lot. Recently while I was surfing through the net to buy perfumes I found a variety of exciting perfumes in the site .Their wide range of perfumes and colognes tempted me to buy some from them. Even during sexual relationship partners like to provide each other with a good scent. So I personally believe that using a good perfume can add quite a bit to our personality.

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  1. I also use Axe as my deodorant. But for perfume (or cologne) I use Bench.

    Yeah, perfume may enhance the presentation of ourselves to other people, but there are some who do not know how to use a perfume that sometimes it irritates other people's nose.