Monday, October 12, 2009


It was a totally different vvs laxman in the last airtel champions leagueT20 cricket match that the Deccan chargers played.Laxman is always known for his classic style of batting and wrist work. He is a player who always plays his shots along the ground and through the gaps. Aggression is not something that we associate with his batting. But in the last match he was really trying to be aggressive with every ball he played .He was really trying to muscle the ball and he played a lot of lofted shots which was really unusual for him. I think the pressure of scoring quickly in T20 matches has forced even the most classic players to change their style. In modern days cricket it’s obvious that classic players are going unnoticed and especially in T20 cricket no team likes a player to be too much classic. I really wonder what the future of test cricket will be with lots of T20 matches played every year. I am sure that in the coming years of cricket we are unlikely to see too many classic cricketers.

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