Thursday, July 30, 2009


African buffaloes are also known as cape buffaloes. Their massive size and aggressive nature makes it very hard for predators to hunt them. Other than lions they don’t have any big enemies. Lions usually hunt them together as it is not possible for a single lion to bring down an adult buffalo. They are known to be extremely unpredictable which makes them very different from their Asian counterparts. They kill more people in Africa than any other animal does and because of this aggressive nature these buffaloes cannot be domesticated. Cape buffaloes move as a well packed herd with a dominant male leading the herd and the calves will be shielded by the adults. Lions usually hunt them by separating the herd and isolating one of them. Even if they become separated during hunts they organize soon and will try to rescue a member that has been caught. They have been known to inflict fatal injuries to lions, which makes it very risky for any predator to hunt them.


  1. Remaind me of Bob marley song here Buffalo Soldier hihihihi

  2. I like to see the grass in its mouth...

  3. for kadazan races at sabah buffalo seems like gold for them,so if you can't afford buy buffalo you will not married...hihhihi

  4. wonderful animal. not found in this part of the world

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