Monday, July 20, 2009


A liger is the offspring of a male lion and female tiger. Ligers can be bred only in captivity since lions and tigers live in different regions in the wild. A liger is much larger than both of its parents. , actually the liger is the largest cat in the world. Most of them weigh more than 500 kilos. From the image itself we can understand how massive this cat is. They have the color almost similar to a lion with light stripes in its body. Ligers would be stunning if they are released in the wild. But its character, that is whether it lives socially as its father or as a solitary hunter like its mother is unknown. Also because of its massive size a liger will find it very hard to generate good speed and as a result most of their hunts will end in failure. So scientists believe that ligers can live only in captivity.


  1. Nice cat! Looks beautiful!

  2. Wow .. a big animal, what animal is correct mix between lion and tiger?

  3. itu hewan apa raksasa sebesar itu

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