Sunday, January 3, 2010


It’s really a pity that almost all live bearing aquatic fishes exhibit cannibalism. As a fish lover I feel really disappointed when I loose an entire batch of baby fishes eaten by their parents soon after birth. It doesn’t always happen that I could separate the female in the correct time. So I loose many baby swordtails and guppies every month. I know that cannibalism can be much reduced by feeding the fishes often with live foods, but live foods are hard to get. Recently I lost an entire batch of baby albino guppies eaten by their mother. It’s just because of the fact that I am not having adequate time to spend with my fishes that these incidents are happening. So I would like to buy some more concrete tanks and make them heavily planted so that I can place these pregnant female fishes in these tanks days before they give birth. I would like to turn my hobby into something like a worthy business so that I can continue my hobby in a very active way.


  1. wow cannibalism........ in a it can be???live foods..... i think it is so difficult if we should provide it every day.... but you have a good post here......

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  2. wow, extreme fish,.nice post..i think it's so

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