Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where is Sreeshanth?

I still don’t understand why Sreesanth was pulled out of the world cup squad. I do admit that I disliked him during the beginning stage of his career due to his outrageous performances in the field. But now I really would have liked to see him in the world cup squad. According to the selectors what was he lacking? -Aggression? Pace? Commitment? I strongly believe he has some special features compared to the other bowlers selected instead of him and they are the ability to surprise a batsmen, wicket taking ability, enthusiasm and aggression. He should have easily replaced Nehra.It seems like this decision was very much preplanned. Perhaps, if the selectors get one more chance they should really think of bringing him back as the Indian pace attack apart from Zaheer khan looks really vulnerable for me.

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