Saturday, July 4, 2009


Talking about wildlife one animal which we can’t skip is the lion. Even though for us they are extremely cruel animals, a very interesting fact is that they are the only social cats in this world. Isn’t it amazing? Just as we people do these extremely dangerous predators knows to live as a group. I had always watched these magnificent predators with great wonder .its really amazing to see these animals living in a pride under the leadership of a big male. Well the color of Africa is said to be the color of the lion. A lion may be called as the king of the jungle, but these animals find it extremely hard to outrun their prey. Their success depends on team work. Once I watched through the television a group of wild buffaloes attacking lions. Buffaloes are one of the lion’s favorite preys. This incident happened when a herd of buffaloes lead by a big male noticed some lionesses with young cubs lying in an open grass land .the lionesses knew that they were in danger and they had no option against this big herd other than to run away, but the young cubs hesitated and the buffaloes seized this opportunity and really squeezed those cubs to death with their horny heads. Buffaloes are not known for this type of behavior, may be they were taking revenge for what the lions had done to their calves when the lions had the advantage. In this case the buffaloes proved that they are also good opportunists. So even the king of the jungle is not safe from threats in the wild, but a big and healthy pride has fewer threats. Lions and hyenas are also big enemies. No adult lion will waste a chance to kill a hyena. I felt sorry for some young cheetah cubs when once I saw a lioness killing a few of them. It was not long before I understood that some lions make it as a habit killing cheetah cubs. The fastest but the weakest cheetah mother will not stand a chance against the powerful lion