Sunday, July 5, 2009

my fishes

I have two fish tanks in my courtyard. One of them is a large one and the other a smaller concrete tank. In the larger tank I have a lot of big fishes like gold fishes, carps and catfishes. They really consume large Quantities of food daily. Every morning and evening I used to spend a lot of time with these fishes. Over the years we had become good friends. In my smaller tank I have some good varieties of swordtail fishes like hifin swordtails, white swordtails and Belgium swordtails. Months before I bought a female swordtail from a nearby aquarium .she was red in color with some black patches. During the early days of her life in my tank she looked very much like a female swordtail fish and other males were after her. But after a few weeks I noticed that she developed some male characters .she started chasing away other males. First I thought that this may be because she is a strong female. Then I was surprised to see her trying to mate with other females. I was really amazed by her behavior. After some days I talked about this matter to a nearby aquarist and he said that swordtails have this character of changing sexes. Any way this is the first time that I am having a fish which exhibits bisexual behavior. I wondered if humans also had these types of abilities then what would have been this

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