Monday, July 6, 2009


This incident happened 5 years back when I had a lot of pigeons at my home. They were of many Colors like white, black spotted, grey and brown. They all lived in complete harmony before one morning when I found four of my pigeons brutally killed. One of them was fully eaten and then another one with its head missing and the remaining two were simply dead, may be those two were killed by blows at their heads. I was really sad on seeing my pigeons dead and I didn’t have any clue about the culprit of this brutal act. Then that evening when I was having my tea, I heard the sound of my pigeons flying away together. I immediately ran to the place where their cages were kept and I couldn’t find any predator there, but all the pigeons looked frightened and they were reluctant to come back from the tree tops even after calling them by offering food. Then as I looked through the cages I found one dark cat hiding inside one cage. I realized that he is the one who killed my pigeons that morning and once again he has made the attempt. But this time the pigeons flew away and so he sat at the cage expecting that the pigeons could come back at any time. Then as he tried to escape, he was well within my reach and I gave him some nasty blows with a stick at his legs. I was really delighted about the fact that I could punish him, but felt really sorry when I saw him with a broken leg after some days. There after he never made an attempt to attack my pigeons

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