Saturday, January 9, 2010


This bike is supposed to dash through the roads of Kerala in India as the owner of this bike is a keralaite.this is really a costly one with its price in Indian rupees being 25 lakhs.It gives the appearance of a family bike because it’s really heavy and spacious. because of its huge engine capacity and dashing speed it’s going to be really unmatched with the roads here in kerala.i personally feel that owning a superbike is something great and just owning one can add wonders to our personality. it can make us really noticed and proud. It’s my dream to buy a superbike even though it doesn’t seem likely to happen.


  1. Very proud and pleasurable experience if we can have and ride superbike at the wide highways and crowded.

  2. Wow thats it's a bike, ck ck It's very cool bike, That is your bike my friend? absolutly congrulation, you very lucky guy in india, did it? goog post my friend, greeting from Indonesia

  3. Successfull u link my friend link list..