Monday, April 12, 2010


It was totally a beautiful and cracking day for me yesterday .me and my friends had a lot of fun in a water theme park at Ernakulam. It’s not because that we were really entertained by the thrilling rides at the park. It’s just because of the fact that we were all together once again after finishing our college life 3 years before. Really it’s a great feeling to see our college mates who once gave each other lots of fun and memories to laugh each second. For any young guy who enjoyed his college life a lot will really be sad thinking about his old days if he is not with his old friends. Those days will never come back. Those days were completely tension free, the days in which we only had to go to the college and enjoy. I was so happy yesterday that I met all my close friends whom I missed a lot.


  1. Wow. I am glad that you enjoyed your day with your friends. It is good that you meet them from time to time to share some good times.

  2. good for you. im missing my friends too..unfortunately those i missed most are thousands of miles away frm me and i have no way of going there.

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